Reflection: Lesson Planning Ten the Hen! Exploring the Number Ten - Section 4: Independent Practice and Informal Assessment


I often use the expression "drop in a bucket" when I talk about all the ways we expose our students to learning.  These "drops add up and soon the bucket is full.  There is number learning that can happen on a daily basis outside of the math lesson in the kindergarten classroom.  Morning meeting and and calendar time allow opportunities to practice and reinforce number skills.  Even something a simple as waiting in line for students to finish washing their hands can be a great opportunity to practice counting and math skills.  We will count the number of students in line and figure out how many are left to line up.  I have not formally taught subtraction, but the students ARE subtracting.  I encourage teachers to look for these opportunities throughout the day. 

I like to do math activities during our morning meeting each day.  This video shows a sample of one of the students favorite math activities, counting sparkle.  Today we are counting by ones, but we also do it with skip counting.  Click on the video link to see how we do sparkle counting in my classroom. 

  Lesson Planning: Filling their Bucket
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Ten the Hen! Exploring the Number Ten

Unit 1: Exploring Numbers 0-10
Lesson 12 of 14

Objective: Students will be able to identify the number ten, identify groups with ten objects and represent the number ten.

Big Idea: Many kindergarteners come to school with rote counting skills, but they often do not understand that the numbers they can recite actually represent quantities. This lesson helps to make that connection.

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