Reflection: Trust and Respect Sentence Practice to the Moon and Back! - Section 2: Procedure


Family diversity is something that we need to be aware of as teachers, especially as we recognize holidays like Mother's and Father's Days.  For two of my students this year, they had no father to give the card, so we thought about other important people in their lives.  One child decided to give it to his grandfather, and the other decided to give the card to mom's boyfriend.  At first he wanted to give it to his mother, but then decided that he had already made her a card and that this man was important to him.  On the sheet that I made for the children to cut apart, there was a blank piece.  I told the boy that if he wanted to make it for his mom, that he could use that extra piece and write the word, Mama instead.

  "I Don't Have a Dad"
  Trust and Respect: "I Don't Have a Dad"
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Sentence Practice to the Moon and Back!

Unit 4: The Very Busy Author--Eric Carle
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Objective: SWBAT identify parts of a sentence and reconstruct a sentence that makes sense. Student Objective: I can identify parts of a sentence and put those parts in the right order to make a project.

Big Idea: This sentence practice project doubles as a Father's Day card!

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