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This assessment was given within a month of state testing to my group of students last year.  It is interesting to look at it now because it is very clearly a test written for a particular group of students and their needs at the time.  While we were in the middle of an geometry unit, I wanted to track review standards from earlier in the year.  That is why there are so many proportional reasoning problems along with expression and equation problems.

It is also interesting to see problems like #9 - students are asked to find the missing vertex of a parallelogram on the coordinate plane.  This was a Louisiana grade level expectation (GLE) for 7th grade students.  In fact, all of the coordinate plane questions come from the old 7th grade (GLEs).  

That being said, I will probably never give this assessment in this format again.

  This Test Was Written for a Specific Group of Students at a Specific Time
  Relevance: This Test Was Written for a Specific Group of Students at a Specific Time
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Assessment_Area and Perimeter (Circumference) of Composite Shapes and Circles

Unit 6: Geometry
Lesson 13 of 37

Objective: Students will be assessed on the area and perimeter unit

Big Idea: Tests are awesome. I can take the data and see who has mastered a standard and who needs more help.

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Math, areas, circumference (Determining Measurements), Geometry, circles, perimeter, Diameter, coordinate plane, composite shapes, assessment
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