Reflection: Lesson Planning Book Project Presentations - Section 2: Presenting Final Book Projects


Projects are always a touchy subject in our school. There are some teachers who love them, and others who avoid them at all cost. There is a fine line when using them in the classroom. I personally try and avoid them sometimes as there is just a lot to manage and I find what students get out of them does not always equate to the work that needs to go them. It seems to be more about the final piece than the learning of the content.

Even though projects are always a gray area for me, I find that they work at this time in the year. It keeps students engaged towards the end of the year. More importantly, a project like this serves as a great way for students to show what they have read this entire year. Since they have been reading quite a lot, I want students to be engaged and how they present what they have read. By reaching them on their level, they are much more inclined to participate in this process.

  How beneficial are projects?
  Lesson Planning: How beneficial are projects?
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Book Project Presentations

Unit 11: Independent Reading II
Lesson 6 of 9

Objective: SWBAT participate in sharing final independent reading book projects.

Big Idea: Presenting final book projects: time to celebrate!

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