Reflection: Real World Applications Comparing Exponential and Linear Functions Day 2 - Section 3: Closure


I like closing activities like this that have both a mathematical and non-mathematical component.  Students did really well on the first part of this question.  Much of that was due to the activity they had completed.  Students used technology ( graphing calculator) to zoom in and out on the functions depending.  The visual of the exponential graph always (eventually) growing faster than the linear graph was powerful for students.  

In the second part of the question, students got to be more creative and thoughtful.  Most students said that a country should not plan more than 50 years in advance.  The rationale they offered was that a country's population may not continue to grow at the same rate.  Because of this a country would have to be prepared to make changes to their food supply chain.

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  Real World Applications: What do You Think?
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Comparing Exponential and Linear Functions Day 2

Unit 7: Exponential Functions
Lesson 12 of 13

Objective: SWBAT write functions that model exponential and linear growth and make comparisons between the two.

Big Idea: This lesson is designed to show that an exponential functions growth will eventually exceed the growth of a linear function.

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