Reflection: Coherence Irrational Zeros of Quadratic Functions - Section 2: Investigation


I really enjoyed having the students work on this investigation.  It allowed me to ensure that they were constantly and consistently making connections back to what the zeros of a polynomial function represent graphically (the x-intercepts).  When students were algebraically finding the roots they received instant gratification when they could graph the function on the calculator and see where the roots were.  Then, they solidified their understanding by sketching the graph and labeling the roots of the function on that graph.  Even when students attempted number 5, they could see right away why there would be three solutions by looking at the graph.  By having students make this connection repeatedly it really helped them to make connections between the algebraic and graphical representations.

  Making Connections
  Coherence: Making Connections
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Irrational Zeros of Quadratic Functions

Unit 6: Quadratic Functions
Lesson 10 of 21

Objective: SWBAT use the technique of completing the square to solve quadratic equations.

Big Idea: This lesson allows students to connect the graphical and algebraic representation of irrational roots of a quadratic function.

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