Reflection: Flexibility Frankenstein on Trial - Section 3: Writing an Argument of Inquiry


When introducing students to arguing for inquiry, I needed to start with a much simpler example than Frankenstein and then modelled how to do something similar before having them write an inquiry argument about Frankenstein. The end result is much more akin to a persuasive essay than an argument of inquiry.  However, I do think the students do have a concept of the inquiry argument now even if they have not successfully written one.  In fact, these papers do a better job of presenting evidence and using questioning as a way to prove an answer. 


  Introducing a New Type of Argument
  Flexibility: Introducing a New Type of Argument
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Frankenstein on Trial

Unit 6: Frankenstein
Lesson 13 of 13

Objective: SWBAT analyze character motives

Big Idea: How does a character develop throughout a novel?

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frankenstein on trial
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