Reflection: Rigor Adding and Subtracting Polynomials - Section 2: Investigation


The most noteworthy conversations today came around question #3 and #4.  Students had some really interesting conversations and debates about each.  What I liked, was that both of these questions pushed students to the abstract level.  If students were struggling, my suggestion to them was to make up an example of Jamie and Doug's polynomials so that they could visualize each.  The first part of question number 4 gave some students difficulty because they did not see it as being much different from question 3.  One student took the initiative and went to the board to show that because both polynomials had the same degree the degree of the answer could change (if one polynomial had 4x^5 and the other had -4x^5 for example).  Once students saw this it really got them thinking about other possibilities and it made them go back to question 3 to examine that even closer.

  Encouraging Abstract Thinking
  Rigor: Encouraging Abstract Thinking
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Adding and Subtracting Polynomials

Unit 4: Polynomial Expressions
Lesson 2 of 18

Objective: SWBAT Add and subtract polynomial expressions.

Big Idea: When polynomial expressions are added the result is another polynomial expression.

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