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In this portion of the lesson the numbers were very strategically chosen.  I wanted to make sure that the students could see how the new score either pulled the mean up, down or kept it relatively the same.  I also chose this scenario for a reason.  All students have had a lot of experience with grades and averages.  Because of this, they somewhat intuitively understand what happens when you get a "bad grade" or a "good grade" and how this effects your average.  In this portion of the lesson I wanted to quantify the effect of adding a third score.  By using a small data set, students could focus on the effect of adding that number without getting bogged down in calculations.

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  Problem-based Approaches: Playing with Numbers
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Measures of Center

Unit 5: Modeling With Statistics
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Objective: SWBAT to understand how the mean of a data set can be effected by changes to the data set.

Big Idea: Measures of central tendency are all interconnected. This lesson helps students to see the effects of changing data on the mean.

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Math, Statistics, modeling, central tendency, Measure of center, mean, median
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