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In the narrative for this section I mention the sequencing of student explanations to help build the overall understanding of the class.  I began this part of the lesson by calling on students who could combine the positive like terms (the x terms first).  Then I called on another group who explained how the two x^3 terms could be put together and the two x^2 terms could be put together but they weren't getting my answer (it all goes back to arithmetic!).  Lastly, I called on a pair who explained why the arithmetic worked for putting these two terms together to arrive at the solution.  This simple sequencing allows students of different ability levels to participate in each segment of the conversation as it builds in sophistication.

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Adding and Subtracting Monomials

Unit 4: Polynomial Expressions
Lesson 1 of 18

Objective: SWBAT add and subtract monomial and polynomial expressions.

Big Idea: This lesson uses a pre-assessment to determine student's understanding. The work is then differentiated based on student need.

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