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Not surprising, most students gravitated towards discussing the exponential model since that was represented in a bulk of the day's lesson.  I noticed from this exit ticket that students were still struggling with the concept of something growing or decaying exponentially.  The idea of a multiplicative relationship is still somewhat new to students to they aren't quite secure with how to represent it numerically.  That said, the scenarios that students developed made sense in context.  For example, many students used either car depreciation, animal population increase, or money increasing in a bank account to represent an exponential situation.

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Modeling with Non-Linear Data

Unit 5: Modeling With Statistics
Lesson 16 of 19

Objective: SWBAT determine a function that best models a set of data by using technology to analyze correlation coefficients.

Big Idea: Oh No! I dropped all of my skittles on the floor…how many have the “s” up and how many do not? This is the beginning of the study into non-linear regression.

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Math, Non-linear Functions, best fit, Statistics, modeling, quadratic, correlation, Residual, 9th grade, scatter plot, exponential relationships
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