Reflection: Rigor Modeling with Exponential Functions - Section 3: Closure


Today's exit ticket actually ended up spilling into the next day's lesson.  This was a great way to help students see the power of using a model.  After working through the investigation, students did a great job finding the exponential function that would model the situation in the closure.  Some students numerically determined what the population would have been in the year 1999 by dividing by the growth factor.  Right as the period ended a pair of students was going to share how they used the table on the calculator to solve the problem.  This was worth coming back to in order to begin the next class.  The next day we started with having those two students share what they did and I feel like they sold a lot of their classmates on the idea of using the function itself to determine the population during any year.

  Rigor: The Power of a Model
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Modeling with Exponential Functions

Unit 7: Exponential Functions
Lesson 13 of 13

Objective: SWBAT build an exponential function that can model population growth.

Big Idea: This lesson lets students use real world data to build an exponential growth model.

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