Reflection: Diverse Entry Points More with Factoring Trinomials - Section 3: Practice


In this section of the lesson I decided to use a differentiated model.  This can sometimes be tricky because the question always arises, "When do you bring the groups back together?"  In a future lesson, I can extend the understanding of the students who were working on the more rigorous task while I get the students who were working on the simpler task up to speed.  That is honestly not my concern at this moment.  I could tell from student work leading up to this lesson that some students were going to need a different entry point to help them develop the conceptual understanding of factoring trinomials.  That was the purpose of this portion of the lesson.  I wanted to give students independent practice at their level so that they could build a strong foundation to build off of in future lessons.

  Diverse Entry Points: Differentiation
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More with Factoring Trinomials

Unit 4: Polynomial Expressions
Lesson 14 of 18

Objective: SWBAT factor trinomial expressions by finding two binomial factors.

Big Idea: This lesson will allow students to gain understanding about factoring trinomials by looking at the structure of the trinomial.

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Math, Algebra, multiplying polynomials, Expressions (Algebra), quadratic expressions, factoring polynomials
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