Reflection: Trust and Respect Writing an Opinion - Publishing - Section 2: Independent Practice


Students did an excellent job collaborating with each other on this assignment. They asked each other for feedback and how to use a particular word processing feature. I only had to show a few tech savvy students how to bold and center and it trickled around the room. Students would volunteer to help their neighbor when needed. This freed me up to assist students who were still working on final edits.

  Trust and Respect: Each One Teach One
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Writing an Opinion - Publishing

Unit 13: Fact and Opinion
Lesson 7 of 7

Objective: SWBAT publish an opinion piece by typing and presenting the final copy using a checklist.

Big Idea: Students use a word processing program in the final stage of the writing process.

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English / Language Arts, opinion writing, publishing
  90 minutes
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