Reflection: Diverse Entry Points Writing Arguments about the Mockery of Love in MidSummer Night’s Dream - Section 4: Wrap-Up: Sharing Love Stories


There are so many ways that this lesson could have been tackled by students and the use of diverse entry points allow students to quickly think of what to write, plan their writing, and become comfortable with the subject. Listen to my love writing lesson reflection and student paragraph on love and reflection to understand the craftsmanship and work students displayed throughout the lesson. Being educated under CCSS, I could have extended the lesson with not only ways for students to write arguments about love but examine the grammatical structures of sentences that tell about love.

  Diverse Entry Points: Essay Writing Reflection
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Writing Arguments about the Mockery of Love in MidSummer Night’s Dream

Unit 5: MidSummer Night's Dream
Lesson 9 of 11

Objective: SWBAT use words and phrases to make their arguments about love credible and personal.

Big Idea: L.O.V.E. I can do with & without it!

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