Reflection: Lesson Planning How Does the Character Evolve? Day 2 of 2 - Section 4: Guided Activity


I created the graphic organizer for my students. In doing so, I decided to put together what the main character was thinking, saying, and doing. I wondered if it was going to be too much for them and wondered if it would be best to teach these entities separately. But since I was going to be guiding them in the process, I felt confident about my students being able to handle it. Also, I thought it would good for them to see the integration of what a character think, says, and does. In doing so, I was hoping to give them an experience of how complex characters can be. I will be using this lesson as a springboard for other characters, so I am glad that I made the decision to maintain the integration.

I can see how in future lessons I might separate my class into different groups and ask one group to focus on what the character is thinking, another to focus on what the character is saying, and another to focus on what the character does. They can work to find the evidence and then share out with the class. Then, I can move to them integrating it successfully on their own.

  Reflecting on Three Aspects of Character Development
  Lesson Planning: Reflecting on Three Aspects of Character Development
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How Does the Character Evolve? Day 2 of 2

Unit 14: My Name is Yoon
Lesson 5 of 6

Objective: SSWBAT ask and answer questions in a literary text to determine how the main character responds to challenging events.

Big Idea: Will Yoon finally write her name on the paper? Will she make a friend? What does a CUPCAKE have to do with it?

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