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     I have always prided myself in being a great reading teacher.  However, I never really understood the importance of phonemic awareness when teaching reading.  I can remember back to my college days, learning how to teach reading.  I don't think my education program did a good job teaching future teachers about how complex the reading process is and how we can help our students navigate through the process.  I think this a problem for many colleges and universities, not just mine.

     I've glossed over phonemic awareness activities for years.  I have a strong opinion about what I should be teaching in the classroom, and when I look at how pitifully easy the phonemic awareness activities are in the basal reader I would always skip over them saying, "That's stupid, my students are way beyond that."

     When Common Core came around, I received some amazing training from some awesome reading teachers, and I finally understood the tremendously important place that phonemic awareness plays in learning how to become a great reader.  For some students, success in reading will depend on the foundation they have with phonemic awareness.

    I have planned this unit so it focuses on two aspects of phonemic awareness - segmenting and blending.  The lessons in this unit show how to include a phonemic awareness component into your daily phonics lesson.  This small tweek to your lessons will only tack minutes on to your lessons, but it will make a world of difference to some of your students - especially the ones who need more support.

     If you are a teacher like me that loves to read research and want to know more about putting research into practice, I have a resource for you here that shows you the importance of phonemic awareness in reading.

  Laying the Groundwork
  Developing a Conceptual Understanding: Laying the Groundwork
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Segmenting With a Bead Train

Unit 17: Phonemic Awareness and Phonics Lessons
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Objective: SWBAT segment words into their individual phonemes and then be able to blend the word back together.

Big Idea: Current reading research says that children need to practice segmenting and blending every day in order to become an effective reader. This lesson will show you how to incorporate segmenting into your daily phonics lesson.

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