Reflection: Joy Where in the world is... a Trickster Tale!: Making Cultural Connections to Folktales - Section 3: Experience Learning


I was so excited to share this lesson with my students, as I incorporated the use of Google Earth into our learning about folktales!  I don’t know about your class, but in my classroom, students are always so excited to see what technology we incorporate and so this lesson lends itself perfectly to introducing Google Earth if you haven’t already!  Try it out, and watch your students become instantly engaged!

  Reflection: Incorporating Technology through Google Earth
  Joy: Reflection: Incorporating Technology through Google Earth
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Where in the world is... a Trickster Tale!: Making Cultural Connections to Folktales

Unit 4: Folktale Unit
Lesson 4 of 5

Objective: SWBAT hypothesize why folktales originate from particular cultures, explain how the illustrations in a text contribute to the setting, and recount folktales by referring explicitly to the text.

Big Idea: In this lesson, students focus on the important idea that folktales are usually cultural tales passed down through generations and discuss ideas for why certain folktales come from certain cultures.

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English / Language Arts, folklore (Fictional Lit), grade 3, Folktales, google earth, interactive whiteboard
  35 minutes
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