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This lesson, the third in my unit on folktales, helps students take one more step toward independence on recounting folktales, as well as help students begin to rely specifically on the text to recount folktales.  When thinking about the gradual release of responsibility model, I started the unit of these lessons where I carried the majority of the workload, in a next lesson the students work with groups, and now in this lesson, students work in partners.   Soon the students will be able to work independently!

  Reflection: Teaching Points in This Lesson
  Lesson Planning: Reflection: Teaching Points in This Lesson
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We've got our fingers on it!: Referring Explicitly to the Text to Recount Folktales

Unit 4: Folktale Unit
Lesson 3 of 5

Objective: SWBAT identify evidence in the text to answer questions.

Big Idea: As students gain more comfort with the genre of folktales, students will delve into referring explicitly to the text to find evidence to support their inferences when recounting folktale components.

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