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While looking over the exit ticket results, I noticed that the majority of students who answered problem 1 correctly also answered problem 2 correctly.  This is as it should be since they require the same skill.  The only difference is that a radius is given for problem 1 and a diameter is given for problem 2.  

Problem 3 has asks for students to find what does "NOT" represent PI.  My students often overlook this word even when it is bold and underlined.  After talking to my students, most who answered B or C completely ignored this word.  That's pretty frustrating for me, but that is exactly why I often include "not" multiple choice questions on assessments.

Problem 4 did not stump too many students.  I think this is where I placed most of my emphasis and questioning during a lesson.  I asked over and over again about possible circumferences based on a diameter.

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CORNERSTONE:Circle Ratios: Diameter to Radius; Circumference to Diameter

Unit 6: Geometry
Lesson 6 of 37

Objective: SWBAT determine the ratios of diameter to radius and circumference to diameter by measuring various circles

Big Idea: Through measurement students discover that PI is not only a mystical number, it is also a humble ratio.

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Math, circumference (Determining Measurements), Geometry, pi, ratio, Circumference to Diameter, 7th gra, circles, perimeter, Diameter
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