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The games students created are really performance tasks. They have been asked to create a math game. They have to design the game, share with their partner and find a way to incorporate math into their game idea. It may sound simple, but it is really quite complex. 

For me, watching the students create the games is a wonderful assessment of their math reasoning skills. I make a point to talk to each group as they are designing their game. I have them explain the game and the math involved. I ask questions to clarify their thinking. I listen and watch as students work and I get another picture of their math reasoning skills and their ability to apply math concepts to new situations as I visit each group.

My formal assessment is one piece of information about their learning, but the performance piece is also a very valuable tool for assessing how students think and learn mathematically.

  A Worthwhile Endeavor
  Performance Tasks: A Worthwhile Endeavor
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Playing Our Own Games

Unit 18: Strategies That Work
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Objective: SWBAT play the games that they and their classmates have created!

Big Idea: Nothing is more fun than a game, especially a game you created yourself.

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Math, Number Sense and Operations, Operations , addition, subtraction, reasoning, review, estimation
  60 minutes
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