Reflection: Accountability What Keeps Women Safe Day 2 of 5 - Section 2: Evaluating Websites for Credibility


I have to admit that website evaluation checklists are not something I use consistently when I teach the writing process.  They should be.  I understand that I need to help my students internalize the questions posed on this checklist so that website evaluation becomes second nature. It's not enough to encourage students to simply stick to government sites or universities or large organizations; they need to know why a website's information is unreliable or inaccurate. And they can't learn this process unless it's repeated until they use it as a natural part of the writing process. 

Quite often students become overwhelmed and frustrated by the amount of information they find on a particular website, and I teach them to use the Ctl+F function or to search a site's directory for the specific information they need.  I also encourage them to be very specific when using search engines like Google or Bing as the search capabilities have become more sophisticated in the last five years. 

Ultimately we need to start teaching web citizenship as early as is developmentally appropriate and that means teaching web evaluation as part of the writing process.  Our students will eventually spend less time researching if they know how to go about it properly. 

  Accountability: Website Evaluations
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What Keeps Women Safe Day 2 of 5

Unit 7: Canterbury Tales - The Wife of Bath's Tale
Lesson 5 of 8

Objective: SWBAT research a question using district criteria for web credibilty

Big Idea: With access to a wide variety of information how do students know which web sites are credible?

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English / Language Arts, Research and Technology, research methods (Writing), outlining, organization, irony, analyze details and draw conclusions, Subtext, History of ideas, difficult vocabulary, word etymologies, purpose and audience
  60 minutes
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