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I was very pleased with how well the students stayed on task with their independent pair share reading. I gave the students 15 minutes to accomplish their tasks. But most of them were done around 10 minutes. That is because they were focused and they were all paired with partners who read similarly to them. And this was done intentionally because no one had to wait for his or her partner for too long to finish reading the page. I sat with the group who is reading the slowest and that helped the pace of the reading too. I will be grouping the students in this way for other lessons, and it was good to see them interacting with each other in a positive and constructive manner. It is good for teachers to take note of what works and who works well with each other.

  Partner Reading
  Student Grouping: Partner Reading
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What is this Narrative About?

Unit 14: My Name is Yoon
Lesson 3 of 6

Objective: SWBAT identify the key details of the literary text, My Name is Yoon.

Big Idea: Sharing the reading empowers us as thinkers.

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