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The students featured in yesterday's reflection with their storyboard are showcased today with two pages of their final study guide project.  When they began this project I wasn't sure whether they'd successfully complete it because they struggled to get organized and often disagreed about what needed to be included.  They final project was a pleasant surprise because although it was fairly simple, it included all the required components and definitely gave good examples.  I was particularly impressed with the thoroughness of their "steps" for each section and with the fact that they used appropriate mathematical notation, something they don't always do on regular assignments.  As I watched them work yesterday and today I observed that one partner had extensive notes and worksheets that she referred to whenever they disagreed.  When they presented their work to the class her partner made the comment to his classmates that if they didn't keep their work he recommended finding a partner who did!

  Performance Tasks: student project
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Show Your Stuff - Day 2 of 2

Unit 7: Building Functions
Lesson 12 of 12

Objective: SWBAT will demonstrate understanding of building functions by successfully presenting a content-based project.

Big Idea: Let your students show how well they understand building and transforming functions by presenting a study guide they've created.

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Math, Function Operations and Inverses, Algebra II, master teacher project, 11th Grade
  50 minutes
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