Reflection: Lesson Planning Reflective Letter Part 1 - Section 3: Wrap Up


Good teaching is the goal of this wrap up, but not only in the way you would think.  

Yes, I want to get a last bit of influence in, but in addition, I know from years of using this type of assignment, that if students do not give enough detail and examples their words will not be as clear and useful to me.

I literally take notes form these letters each year, and I want to know as much as possible.  Of course, I do not always agree with what they assume or conclude, but there is value in their opinions.  I use these opinions to formulate my plans for the next year. So, more evidence equals better information for me and that equals better teaching.

You'd be surprised what you can learn.  I'm always in awe.  Sometimes that I didn't realize what they (plural) saw and sometimes that they truly learned so much.

  Good Teaching is the Goal
  Lesson Planning: Good Teaching is the Goal
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Reflective Letter Part 1

Unit 13: Year-End Review: Putting it all Together
Lesson 11 of 12

Objective: SWBAT analyze their growth over the school year and write a letter to me reflecting their findings and thoughts in response to my final letter .

Big Idea: Time to reflect on our year together...

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