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When teaching a series of lessons, it's important to take the time to bring it altogether for the kids. Learning individual skills is okay as long as they are eventually tied into the big picture.

Since kindergartners are so concrete, I found it important with my class to teach counting in each form isolated and then bring it together in this lesson.

Many of my kids didn't transfer strategies from one lesson to the next until the third lesson. Once they saw the lesson format look exactly the same way as the previous two, they had the "aha" moment and realized that the lessons and skills were connected and were able to transfer the information from the first two lessons to the last two.

  Tying the lessons together
  Coherence: Tying the lessons together
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Counting Strategies - All (review circle, array, scatter)

Unit 5: Make It Count!
Lesson 8 of 11

Objective: SWBAT use a variety of strategies to count objects in three different physical settings.

Big Idea: Kindergarteners often struggle with keeping track of objects while they count. This lesson shows kids different strategies to keep track of objects while they count.

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