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I know we talk a lot about differentiation to meet the needs of our special ed and ELL populations, but I would like to take a moment to talk about routines and planning.

One thing that is sometimes overlooked, but is simple to utilize, is planning lessons that build on each other and keeping their introduction, activity and closing the same or similar. This is very helpful for kids who are slower to pick up new information, special ed (in math) students and ELL kids.

When you plan similar lessons in a prescribed manner, the kids know what to expect and get comfortable with the format you provide. This way they are not spreading their thinking so thin. They can concentrate on the new math and not get over stimulated or distracted with other things being new. I have found this to be true with regular ed kids as well.

There is one caution, keep the format identical only if the there are 5 or less lessons in the series. Any more than that can cause kids to disconnect and become behavior problems. Use your best judgment and go with the nature of the kids in your class.

Since 57% of my class was four when the year started the first week of August (did not turn 5 until Oct-Dec), this type of planning worked well for my kids. They found comfort and security in knowing how the lesson was going to play out each day after the first one.

  Repetition is OKAY!
  Vertical Alignment: Repetition is OKAY!
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Counting Strategies: Scatters

Unit 5: Make It Count!
Lesson 7 of 11

Objective: SWBAT use a variety of strategies to count objects in a scatter.

Big Idea: Kindergarteners often struggle with keeping track of objects while they count. This lesson shows kids different strategies to keep track of objects while they count.

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