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Students have shown that they can read a clock to a five minute interval. Finding an end time by moving the hands on the clock was a new, and somewhat difficult task for students. I helped the students with one event so they could see how moving the hands 30 minutes meant setting the clock for the time on the page, and then moving the hands in five minute intervals, up to 30 minutes to show the new time. 

This is a complex task, but for most students it was not beyond the range of their understanding. I had built a bridge from what they understood, to the new understanding. As students caught on to how to count by 5s to get the total of the time for the event, they saw that they were moving the hands on the clock and setting a new time that they could easily read. 

It is good to stretch student understanding if you take the time to support that stretch so it is not overwhelming. 

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Visiting the Olympics

Unit 18: Strategies That Work
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Objective: SWBAT plan a visit to the Olympics using their understanding of time, money and measurement strategies.

Big Idea: Students will revisit telling time to the 5 minute interval while taking an imaginary trip to the Olympics, spending money for their visit, and measuring as they compete..

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Math, Money, Number Sense and Operations, Operations , time, clocks, review, estimation
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