Reflection: Joy What Keeps Women Safe Day 4 of 5 - Section 3: Comparing and Editing


One of the "aha" moments for me when doing this project was realizing how much students liked grappling with a difficult topic, especially one that concerns them.  I've struggled with this particular class to find research projects that engage them and that they take ownership of the material. With this particular project the students understood the need to be thorough, to be thoughtful and to be respectful.  I had little problem encouraging them to write, nor did I struggle with a lack of interest. I did struggle with helping them to find enough specific information.  

When I do this project again, I plan to bring in at least one expert speaker from law enforcement or counseling to work with the students and help answer their questions.  This will give the students a primary source to work with and will help them write about some of the scenarios and ideas they couldn't find answers to on the web. 


  Writing about Controversy
  Joy: Writing about Controversy
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What Keeps Women Safe Day 4 of 5

Unit 7: Canterbury Tales - The Wife of Bath's Tale
Lesson 7 of 8

Objective: SWBAT collaborate with students in another group to determine areas of overlapping information

Big Idea: Students work together to create a cohesive document that reflects larger ideas and detailed information.

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English / Language Arts, source (Research Writing), drafting (Writing Process), Research and Technology, research methods (Writing), outlining, bias, Technical writing, Women, organization, irony, analyze details and draw conclusions, Subtext, History of ideas, difficult vocabulary, word etymologies, purpose and audience
  55 minutes
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