Reflection: Essay Writing Narratives: Revision Time and Then Let the Filming Begin! - Section 2: Building Knowledge: Let the Revision Begin


I like to give the students a chance to create their own protocols. So when I give them mine (for their next essay), they can see how my protocols built on their knowledge. The quality of the feedback students get varies, but they have some feedback to build on. It is impossible for me to read and give feedback to every student on their rough draft.  I tell them if they want specific feedback from me, they can bring their essay to conference (tutoring time built into our schedule).

The videos are due on Thursday and the narratives on Friday.  We only have class Monday, Wednesday and Friday. The reason they will turn them in on Thursday is they have to submit them electronically.  If I don't have a submission from a student on Friday, we will be able to resolve the problem in class.  Here is an example of a storyboard and video. It is called "Soccer is Life."    

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Narratives: Revision Time and Then Let the Filming Begin!

Unit 1: Narratives: This is the Story of My Life
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Objective: SWBAT develop and strengthen writing as needed by planning revising, editing, and rewriting focusing on addressing what is most significant for a specific purpose by working in peer groups to revise their narratives. SWBAT demonstrate knowledge of digital media by producing and publishing VINE or Instagram videos.

Big Idea: Students collaborate to revise their narratives and the they film their videos.

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