Reflection: Complex Tasks Narratives: Revision Time and Then Let the Filming Begin! - Section 1: Let's Get Started: Why revise?


Once they have answers, one of the group members writes their responses on the board to share with the class. As you can see, group 1 includes an example in their answer. The answer is speculative because we have not revised our exploded moment narratives.  This group also includes constructive criticism under techniques.  My follow up question to them is, "What is constructive criticism?"  

On a lighter note, this group calls themselves The Padawans (spelled incorrectly but the correct term). There is always time for a little Star Wars reference.  

  Complex Tasks: Student Collaboration
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Narratives: Revision Time and Then Let the Filming Begin!

Unit 1: Narratives: This is the Story of My Life
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Objective: SWBAT develop and strengthen writing as needed by planning revising, editing, and rewriting focusing on addressing what is most significant for a specific purpose by working in peer groups to revise their narratives. SWBAT demonstrate knowledge of digital media by producing and publishing VINE or Instagram videos.

Big Idea: Students collaborate to revise their narratives and the they film their videos.

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