Reflection: Checks for Understanding Fraction Review - Section 4: Wrap Up


During the time that students are working with another group of students, it is helpful to have some sort of recording device available to the students.  Because these explanations are the evidence of their thinking and understanding, finding a way to record these conversations will allow you to make a formative assessment.  Some suggestions include video on mobile devices such as cameras, computers, and iPads.  This may be something that can also be done in a computer lab.  I have also found setting a timer or using an ending signal helps with reviewing the video.  Some students will continue to explain and lose the conciseness of an explanation.  

If recording these explanations is not possible, or if time allows, having the students make presentations to the class with their partner provides the same type of formative assessment in real time.  Using a check list to record their understanding will help with planning future lessons. 

  Listening In On Conversations
  Checks for Understanding: Listening In On Conversations
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Fraction Review

Unit 8: Review for Testing
Lesson 4 of 7

Objective: SWBAT order and compare fractions using number lines and models.

Big Idea: This is a multi-day lesson to review fraction concepts taught throughout the school year.

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Math, Fractions, ordering fractions, compare fractions, division, multiplication, perimeter, area model, fractions
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