Reflection: Essay Writing Searching for an Exploding Moment in Narrative Writing - Section 2: Building Knowledge: Pre-Writing is fun!


The first prewriting example tells me that she is adopted, talkative and shy at the same time, and she loves to cook.  Ultimately, she chooses dance.  Her second chart, it list dance as its own aspect and it is part of her explanation of "I am athletic."  She makes a strong choice because it is a recurring part of her life. 

The second student's prewriting also shows how working through the process can lead to the best writing topics. All of his examples connect somehow to soccer.  Ultimately, soccer is his exploding moment.

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Searching for an Exploding Moment in Narrative Writing

Unit 1: Narratives: This is the Story of My Life
Lesson 6 of 8

Objective: SWBAT write a developed narrative of real events using well-structured event sequences by creating storyboards for their own videos and developing narrative about the video.

Big Idea: Students find the most fascinating part of themselves and blow it up!

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