Reflection: Data Analysis Division Quiz and Snowflake Symmetry - Section 1: Concept Development Assessment


Based on my preliminary analysis, my students scored very well on this assessment.  Of my 80 students, most of them are using an area model to divide.  A few students are still using the place value chart and distribution method. I have discovered that most of my students who are using the place value chart to divide are students that struggle with their basic multiplication and division facts. Based off of this quiz and other classroom observations, and some computerized data, most of the students that are using a place value chart will be given scaffolds and supports in order to help with memorization of those facts. If students fail to memorize the basic division and multiplication facts, math concepts this year will become increasingly more difficult. 

My students also did an excellent job with the division vocabulary words. This is an important part of this quiz because I use these words so often, it is imperative that students and I are on the same page, talking the same language. I don't want language to be a barrier for learning math and so I need to make sure students know the parts of a division problem. 

  Data Analysis: Progress
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Division Quiz and Snowflake Symmetry

Unit 7: Division with Whole Numbers
Lesson 6 of 16

Objective: SWBAT identify and label numbers in a division problem, solve a division problem using a model, and explore symmetry in snowflakes.

Big Idea: In this fun festive lesson, students take an assessment and then explore symmetry by cutting paper to make snowflakes.

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