Reflection: Perseverance What Keeps Women Safe Day 3 of 5 - Section 2: Outlining and Organizing


Having students write a research paper as a group can be a tricky endeavor.  Some students are confident enough writers that the will often try to take over the lion's share of the work from those students who are less experienced, less confident.  It's important to use the group writing experience to full advantage because it's a chance for peers to learn from one another about their own idiosyncratic process.

I make a point of checking with those students who are less confident to see that they are on task and contributing and I also try to encourage the confident writers to have patience and try to mentor the other students rather than do their work. 


  Group Writing
  Perseverance: Group Writing
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What Keeps Women Safe Day 3 of 5

Unit 7: Canterbury Tales - The Wife of Bath's Tale
Lesson 6 of 8

Objective: SWBAT use research facts to organize information into a cohesive outline

Big Idea: How do we take technical information and transform it into accessible material for a specific audience?

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English / Language Arts, research materials, outlining, Research and Technology, research methods (Writing), organization, irony, analyze details and draw conclusions, Subtext, History of ideas, difficult vocabulary, word etymologies, purpose and audience
  50 minutes
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