Reflection: Continuous Assessment Problem Solving Division Day 1 - Section 3: Concept Development


When students work with partners, this is always such a perfect time for me to observe their strategies, questions, and thoughts. In this way, partner work can be used as a constant formative assessment.  One management piece I use during partner work is that I carry around a clipboard. As I observe students I write down quick notes about strategies students are using. This then helps during a share out time because I can refer to my list and remember which students used particular strategies. This is important to move all students thinking forward and progressing. A student who is struggling will benefit from hearing from a student that is not struggling. The struggling student gets to hear a strategy said differently than how I might say it, and the the student who isn't struggling deepens his or her understanding by having the opportunity to present and teach others. It's a win win for all. 

My students really enjoy being able to work with partners in problem solving situations. This lesson was no exception.  I find that when students have parameters and guidelines like the TAPPS protocol, they tend to be mores successful.  This is something I will definitely keep in mind and use in future lessons. 

  Partner Work is a Success!
  Continuous Assessment: Partner Work is a Success!
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Problem Solving Division Day 1

Unit 7: Division with Whole Numbers
Lesson 13 of 16

Objective: SWBAT solve word problems using division skills.

Big Idea: In this fun partner based lesson, students solve multistep word problems and practice discussing division and multiplication strategies.

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Math, Number Sense and Operations, problem solving, division, partner work, math talk, Operations
  55 minutes
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