Reflection: Lesson Planning What does a Digital Native Look Like?: Introduction to Narrative Project - Section 3: Building Knowledge: What is an exploding moment?


All of my students were fifteen minutes late for class.  Student Council had a welcome assembly during first period.  It ran into second period.  And let's face it, no one is in a hurry to get to class on Friday.  

I also found out on Thursday that my step-mother had passed away.  I was leaving Saturday morning for her services.  I was going to miss the entire next week of school. Therefore, I not only had to introduce the project, I had to make sure they could manage it without much direct input from me. 

Planning for a sub is difficult especially on short notice.  One option is to not do the narrative and give them book work.  The second option is to let them continue the unit and just keep in mind that I was not present to provide support.   I am going with the ladder. I want to see how this project turns out. 

All of the students know that the information is on Edmodo.  I told students they could message me on Edmodo or send me an e-mail if they had any questions.  Finally, I reminded them that they are a learning community and they need to help and support each other in my absence.  

  Greeting from Student Government
  Lesson Planning: Greeting from Student Government
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What does a Digital Native Look Like?: Introduction to Narrative Project

Unit 1: Narratives: This is the Story of My Life
Lesson 5 of 8

Objective: SWBAT understand the characteristics of a narrative, especially an exploding moment by engaging in a class discussion and viewing a powerpoint presentation.

Big Idea: Vine—A Social Media Narrative . Students explore how social media can narrate their life.

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