Reflection: Flexibility Or Downside Up? - Section 2: Put It Into Action


My students needed more time and directed practice than I had anticipated.  This may change over time as students receive CCSS instruction earlier, but for this lesson I had to adjust the pacing.  Working through the examples took longer than expected as students stumbled over some of the algebraic manipulations that I expected them to know from previous classes.  When we'd successfully completed all the examples, I chose to use the practice handout for additional whole-class instruction because so many of my students were still unsure about logarithms.  I worked through the first two problems on the handout, asking for student input for each step and encouraging them to copy the problems and work for their own reference later.  Students worked through the third and fourth problems independently then we checked them as a class before moving on to finish the handout.  This extended the lesson into a second day, but it was worth it to me because it meant less re-teaching down the road.  As stated earlier, this lesson should move more quickly as students build their skills in earlier classes.

  Adjusting to student pacing
  Flexibility: Adjusting to student pacing
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Or Downside Up?

Unit 7: Building Functions
Lesson 10 of 12

Objective: SWBAT express logarithmic equations as exponential using inverse functions.

Big Idea: Got the exponential to logarithmic equations figured out? Then this lesson takes you through logarithmic to exponential.

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Math, Function Operations and Inverses, logarithms, Algebra II, master teacher project, 11th Grade
  50 minutes
downside up
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