Reflection: Trust and Respect What Keeps Women Safe Day 1 of 5 - Section 2: Introduction


The concept for this idea came from a conversation I had with our school psychologist about The Wife of Bath's Tale and the implication that it was man's behavior that needed to change, not women's if rape and sexual assault were to be prevented. 

I told her that I wanted to have my students look at some of the strategies workplaces and universities have adopted to prevent harassment and assaults, and through that conversation came the idea for this handbook project. 

When I started putting the whole project together, I wanted to make sure the groups met a certain dynamic, that there was at least one girl in each group and that the personalities of the students would compliment and balance each other. 

I also wanted to differentiate the amount of research the students would engage in, so I wanted to make sure that the sections which required more in-depth sorting of information were given to the higher skilled groups.

This meant I was sorting gender, personality and skill level into groups of no more than four students.  A challenging puzzle, but one I accomplished with a little guidance, again from the school psychologist. 

The result was quite positive and there was almost no complaints from the students regarding group placement or topic. 


  Group Research
  Trust and Respect: Group Research
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What Keeps Women Safe Day 1 of 5

Unit 7: Canterbury Tales - The Wife of Bath's Tale
Lesson 4 of 8

Objective: SWBAT apply the lessons of The Wife of Bath's Tale to a modern day situation, that of women's safety on college campuses.

Big Idea: Who is responsible for public safety? Is women's safety only a woman's concern?

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English / Language Arts, Research Writing and Practices, Research and Technology, research methods (Writing), outlining, Women, Technical writing, organization, irony, analyze details and draw conclusions, Subtext, History of ideas, difficult vocabulary, word etymologies, purpose and audience
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