Reflection: Lesson Planning The Look and Feel of Your Final Blog: A Summative Assessment - Section 2: Guided Practice: Your Self-Assessment


After reviewing the student blogs and posting scores to my grade book, I have a few notes to keep in mind as you guide students to success!

1. Most students are "clueless" about good blog content -- that is they do not nor have many of them ever read a real professional blog.  (I mention this in earlier lessons, too.)  The best way to fix this in only a few minutes is to direct them to the Bloggies, and, then, ask them to literally use only the blogs posted there for their "Blog Roll."

2. I cannot stress enough that students should use Google Images for public domain/open use photos only.  While this is a "school" project, it is best to guide students to best practices (yes?) for "real world" applications.

3. Insist on descriptions (or at least captions) of posted media -- its another writing process you can instruct.

4. The "9 comment" requirement is really arbitrary.  You can require students to comment on as many or as few peer-blogs as you see fit.

  details to keep in mind for the summative check
  Lesson Planning: details to keep in mind for the summative check
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The Look and Feel of Your Final Blog: A Summative Assessment

Unit 9: Blogging About Your Research Interests and Writing
Lesson 7 of 8

Objective: SWBAT self-assess the quality of their own blog before receiving their final grade for it!

Big Idea: ... blogging is a ubiquitous form of academic, professional, and personal expression ...

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English / Language Arts, blogging, writing on the web, Blog
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