Reflection: Connection to Prior Knowledge Equation and Inequality Reteach - Fraction Coefficients - Section 1: Introduction


This is another lesson just designed to create fluency in a rote manner.  The lesson is designed to teach a procedure that is efficient for solving equations.  That being said, I could not resist explore the idea of a reciprocal before starting the examples.

I wrote a serious of problems on the smart board:

1/2 * x = 1

1/3 * x = 1

1/4 * x = 1

1/5 * x = 1

Students took a moment to solve. We discussed how the unknown factor related to the given factor.  Students saw that the values were reciprocals of each other though I did have to ask what is the denominator of any whole number.  

I wanted to extend this idea further so I wrote a few more problems on the smart board, this time with no unit fractions:


2/3 * x = 1

3/5 * x = 1

5/8 * x = 1


This helped students make sense of multiplying by a reciprocal to "undo" a fraction coefficient.  


  Two-Thirds Times What Number Equals One?
  Connection to Prior Knowledge: Two-Thirds Times What Number Equals One?
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Equation and Inequality Reteach - Fraction Coefficients

Unit 4: Expressions and Equations
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Objective: SWBAT solve equations and inequalities with fraction coefficients by multiplying by the reciprocal

Big Idea: My students can solve two-step equations with integers but not fraction coefficients. This is a lesson designed to strengthen fluency solving equations and inequalities with fraction coefficients.

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Math, solve linear equalities and inequalities, reciprocal, fraction coefficients
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