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Students have used the term value when discussing place value. They understand that the word refers to "which place the digit is in" but to use the term with money is new for them. I want to help students to understand that the term value relates to "how much" when talking about money. Both with money and place value the term value refers to what is it worth but that concept is slightly abstract and so the game is helping students to understand what the term means.

As I circulate around the room I see students who are trying to figure out the value by counting the value of each coin and I reinforce this. I also see students who are just guessing and hoping they are right. I remind them that we are looking for the value today, and so using the coins to help us count is an important way to find that value.

I watched one child take the coins, count the value of the quarters and then look at what was left (several dimes and nickels and then just give an amount bigger than 75 cents.) He was hoping to get the answer his partner was thinking of without having to count on from 75. I reminded him that today we were looking for the exact value and so he would have to spend the time counting the coins. The task was not an easy one for him. It required him to count on with larger numbers. He had to deal with thinking of the value of each individual coin, and the combining those values to complete the total amount. 

Math is not always a single-step process and helping students to deal with the complexities of several steps is important in early math explorations.

  Value as an Idea
  Complex Tasks: Value as an Idea
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Counting Coins Again

Unit 18: Strategies That Work
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Objective: SWBAT find the value of different combinations of coins.

Big Idea: Naming coins may be easier than determining value.

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