Reflection: Real World Applications Exponential Decay Functions - Section 3: Graphs of Exponential Decay Functions


Extending the graph of a function outside of its context is both useful and occasionally challenging.  It is really important that students recognize that there are solutions to a function that lie outside the scenario.  One basic misconception that students often have is that graphs only exist where the students puts down the points.  Understanding the immense, infinite amount of data represented by an equation is extremely important.  In the case of exponentials, looking at the graph of negative x-values for growth and decay functions helps students to understand how they relate to each other and will improve the overall student understanding of exponential functions (Student Notes).  I could tell that my students are going to need more practice dealing with both types of exponential equations to really master these equations.  

  Real World Applications: Extending the Domain Beyond The Scenario
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Exponential Decay Functions

Unit 8: Exponential and Logarithmic Functions
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Objective: Students will be able to write functions for and graph exponential decay models.

Big Idea: Let's get rid of some zombies! And do some graphing as well.

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