Reflection: ELL Students Operations of Functions - Section 2: Presentation Development


I have foreign exchange students in my class. Since this is at the beginning of the school year many of these students are still struggling with English.  The students have also may have not developed a relationship with others in the class. When I have multiple exchange students in a class they will put themselves together.

To help the exchange students become familiar with others I will put the exchange student into different groups. I have usually asked someone in that group privately to ask an exchange student to be in their group. This way the exchange student becomes part of the class. I will allow a group with an exchange students an extra person.

Even though the exchange students have trouble speaking English, they know how to do the problems. The exchange students are very good at analyzing information in books. I let the groups know that the exchange students are to help with reviewing the material but they do not need to speak in front of the class unless they want to talk. Some exchange students will talk while others will not. 

I really enjoy working with the exchange students. After a few months of working with the other students, the exchange students become a vital part of this class. These students will demonstrate different ways to do problems many times different than I have seen. The exchange students are great problem solvers and very willing to share their strategies with peers.

  How I work with Limited English Students
  ELL Students: How I work with Limited English Students
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Operations of Functions

Unit 2: Functions and Piecewise Functions
Lesson 6 of 15

Objective: SWBAT evaluate and graph new functions found by using function operations

Big Idea: Addition, subtraction, multiplication and division of functions will be reviewed by students developing group presentations on the operations. Function notation will be analyzed to reduce misconceptions.

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