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This activity lends itself to differentiation of product because of the rich available content.  Students who need practice with basic subtraction and/or writing complete, clear sentences can be guided through the types of problems used in the guided practice.  Students who are on level or need enrichment can consult with one another and the teacher to make 2 step word problems or to as high level extension questions. It's invisible differentiation that doesn't highlight anyone as a strong or struggling student because they are using the same content and similar processes, and though the products may be different, that is most apparent to the teacher.

  Writing One Step Word Problems
  ELL Students: Writing One Step Word Problems
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More Meat!

Unit 10: Math and Me: Nutrition, Health and More
Lesson 5 of 7

Objective: SWBAT use current data about meat consumption to compare the quantities consumed in different countries.

Big Idea: Students practice skills of addition, subtraction, word problems and graphing and develop their own theories about why meat consumption is so different across the world.

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