Reflection: Perseverance The Wife of Bath - Section 5: The Vow and the Outcome


This lesson more than any others I've taught has had a powerful effect on the students. I think the current debate about college campus safety and the way victims of assault are treated makes The Wife of Bath's Tale an appealing read to students. I think that combined with the frank way the wife narrates this tale, allows students to engage on a deep level.  

At the same time the students know they are getting ready to grapple, in a very real way, with these themes through the handbook they are getting ready to read. 

Were I to teach this lesson again, I might put students into small groups with the discussion questions to encourage broader participation.  However, if the class size is ten or less I would keep this lesson whole class. 


  The Power of Literature
  Perseverance: The Power of Literature
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The Wife of Bath

Unit 7: Canterbury Tales - The Wife of Bath's Tale
Lesson 3 of 8

Objective: SWBAT discuss the main themes and ideas present in a work of literature

Big Idea: How do we create meaning of a text through whole class analysis and discussion?

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English / Language Arts, theme (Reading Comp), ambiguities, Research and Technology, research methods (Writing), outlining, Canterbury Tales, The Wife of Bath, irony, difficult vocabulary, word etymologies, organization, analyze details and draw conclusions, Subtext, History of ideas, purpose and audience
  45 minutes
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