Reflection: Checks for Understanding Pumpkin Math! Introduction to Metric Units - Section 3: Pumpkin Pi


As I look at these student samples I can assess that this activity is a great introductory activity to a group of students who have not been exposed to metric measurement. The hands-on work they did as well as the estimation made delving into the standard great fun. These samples show how they recorded their data, used their estimation and subtraction skills. I noticed they avoided writing answers to the thinking questions and were engrossed with recording data only. During our metric unit in the near future, there will be more writing and explanation expected from them as they master the standard by learning more about relative units and conversion.

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Pumpkin Math! Introduction to Metric Units

Unit 2: Metric Measurement
Lesson 1 of 18

Objective: SWBAT measure circumference, diameter, & length using centimeters/meters, liters and grams.

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