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I wanted to share this high quality example of a Student Assignment ab.  This student thoroughly explained each question using complete sentences.  One of my struggles this year has been to get my students to produce quality work.  A strategy that I have used to combat this is my daily homework check.  This gives me one-on-one contact with each student where I can give them feedback on the quality of their work.  My homework grading policy also helps me increase the quality of their work.  They get 8 points (7 points if late) for turning in their homework.  To get 10 (9 for late), they have to correct any mistakes and make sure that their explanations are complete.  Next year I may up the ante by not accepting an assignment even for completion without complete sentences on problem that require it.  

  High Expectations: Great Work
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Modeling Rational Functions

Unit 7: Rational Functions
Lesson 2 of 15

Objective: Students will be able model and graph rational functions.

Big Idea: Analyze the contextual meaning and properties of the graph of a rational function in this modeling lesson.

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Math, modeling, Algebra, Algebra 2, master teacher project, rational function
  50 minutes
image modeling rational functions
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