Reflection: Shared Expectations A Hero's Death...What Next? - Section 4: Post-Quiz Review


While it is still early in the year, I feel it's important to highlight some basic expectations in class.  One, writing all answers in complete sentences.  Frankly, this should be a requirement in every senior class in high school, shop & art included.  I know that at our school it is a universal requirement and teachers hold students to this in varying degrees. 

The small PowerPoint I prepared for students is a way to gently remind them that complete sentences should be a habit akin to tying one's shoes or eating with a fork. 

  Teaching to Standards
  Shared Expectations: Teaching to Standards
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A Hero's Death...What Next?

Unit 5: Beowulf
Lesson 12 of 12

Objective: SWBAT identify the major points in a hero's journey, as well as heroic traits.

Big Idea: What does it mean to die a hero's death? How do the responsibilities of a hero differ from those of a king?

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English / Language Arts, epic poem, alliteration, heroes, Kenning, Old English, Literary Analysis
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