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When I decided to pare down the test, I looked for a couple of things. 

First, were any of the questions redundant?  My goal with this test is to assess student mastery of a variety of concepts & skills.  If questions 1 and 2 both assess the same skill or concepts, then I can eliminate one of them.

Second, do any of the questions require more time than they are worth?  An open-ended or free-response question often takes students much longer to complete, so it had better allow me to either assess multiple points at once or one very important point.

In this case, I removed a free response question about the historical/logical development of the number system.  It was interesting, but it wasn't worth the time it would take.  Also, I anticipated that many students would have trouble answering it to my satisfaction.  I also removed question involving a simple application of the Fundamental Theorem of Algebra.  In this case, the question was redundant.  There was another question that would assess the same thing, so I eliminated the one that seemed less important.

  Deciding What to Remove
  Unit Exams: Deciding What to Remove
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Cumulative Exam

Unit 5: Quarter 1 Review & Exam
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Objective: SWBAT demonstrate mastery of the various concepts, procedures, and skills included in the course to date.

Big Idea: Summative assessment includes the most important concepts, procedures, and skills included in the course to date.

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